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Welcome to my personal home page. I was born April 15th, 1966 with a 100% soul and grew up in the Finger Lakes region in Upstate New York and moved to Maryland in 1991. I died June 9th, 2017 when my Earth died. In my life, I've been a Computer Tech at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, NY, a professional Jazz Trombonist, a Software Engineer, and a partner in a software company. I'm naturally relaxed, funny, loves music and wants people to have a good life and be healthy. I'm straight and only prefer women. If you like to contact me, my email is If you are looking for the weather page, it's located here.

My message: "Love, Support and Peace..."
Naval Air Warfare Center (1991)

Click for a larger image Even though I started as a music major on a scholarship, I graduated as a computer scientist from SUNY Utica Tech in New York. This brought me ten years at the Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division (NAWC-AD) at Patuxent River, Maryland where I received an A+ from the Pentagon working as a Civil Servant. As a software engineer, I programmed in C, C++ and assembly. At the time, the military base was hot and so was my projects, WDPS and Chaff.

Easy Software Products (1994)

Easy Software Products On the side, I started a business, Easy Software Products with a partner, selling in-house software for UNIX/Linux and Apple machines. I then quit my job at NAWC-AD in 2001 to pursue the business.

UNIX Unleashed (2001)

UNIX Unleashed by Sam's Publishing In 2001, I wrote the printing chapter for the book, "Unix Unleashed - fourth edition", published by Sam's Publishing. My name is not on the cover but at least it's mentioned inside. Book information can be found on Amazon.

Stock Market (2003)

Amibroker window I sold my half of the Easy Software Products business this year and traded in the stock market fully. I really started trading in year 2000 but was a light weight. I trade by chart and write scripts for buy and sell signals.

Molly Brannigans (2005)

Molly Brannigans In 2005, I became a small part owner of a restaurant chain called Molly Brannigans.


I also volunteer in the local area. I have been a Big Brother of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. I've taught folks basic computer skills at the Lexington Park library. I volunteered for the Calvert County Literacy Council where I maintained their website.

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